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Online Beauty Education Classy 3 Colour Gel Nail Kit

Online Beauty Education Classy 3 Colour Gel Nail Kit
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This Classy Nails UV  LED Gel Nail Kit includes an amazing 13 items, providing everything you need for a professional, salon quality look, each and every time.  For a manicure or pedicure that lasts up to two weeks with no chipping.

This Classy Nails Professional UV Gel Polish Kit includes:

  • 48W PRO Lamp suitable home / light salon use or 48W professional lamp 
  • 1 x Classy UV Gel Top Coat (7.3ml)
  • 1 x Classy UV Gel Base Coat (7.3ml)
  • 3 x Classy UV Gel Colour Polishes (7.3ml) - Natural Hesian, Bloodline, Perfect Pink
  • 1 x Classy Gel Remover (120ml)
  • 1 x Classy Nail Prep & Wipe (120ml)
  • 20 x Classy Nail Shine Wipes
  • 1 x Nail Buffer Block
  • 1 x Emery Board
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Nail Cuticle Spoon, Pusher, and Remover Cutter Nipper Clipper Cut Set
  • 1 x Classy Cuticle Oil (7.3ml)
  • 10 x Classy Foil Remover Wraps
  • 10 x Orange Wood Sticks

  • Features
  • 14 Day High Gloss Wear
  • No Chips or Scratches
  • Easy Application and Removal Process
  • Fast Drying Time
  • No Nail Damage

Classy Nails UV Gel Application & Removal


  1. Prep nails prior to application.
  2. Set up UV lamp.

How to Apply

  1. Shake each bottle before use to blend.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Classy Nails base coat evenly onto the nail surface and cure in the UV lamp for 10 seconds.
  3. Apply a thin and even first coat of Classy Nails UV gel colour polish and cure in the UV lamp for 120 seconds.
  4. Apply a second thin and even coat of Classy Nails UV gel colour polish and cure in the UV lamp for 120 seconds.
  5. Apply a thin even layer of Classy Nails top coat and cure in the UV lamp for 120 seconds.
  6. Wipe nails carefully with a Classy Nails shiney nail wipe to remove any sticky residue and to reveal that high gloss shine.
  7. Repeat this process on the other hand.


  1. Prepare the Classy foil remover wraps and Classy gel remover solution.
  2. Soak a Classy foil remover wrap with Classy gel remover and place directly onto the nail.
  3. Wrap the Classy foil remover wrap around the fingertip and nail and squeeze to form a finger cap.
  4. Leave for approximately 10 minutes. With a twisting motion gently remove the Classy foil remover wrap.
  5. Gently remove any leftover Classy UV gel polish with an orange wood stick.


  • Shake each bottle thoroughly before each use to disperse the solvents which helps prevent evaporation and thickening.
  • Close the cap firmly when not in use. This will prevent solvent from evaporating in between services. It may be necessary to clean the neck of the bottle after use to ensure a tight closure.
  • Do not expose the bottle to light without the cap firmly in place. Exposure to light can begin the curing process; this includes sunlight and table lamps.
  • Replace the cap when you are not actually applying the product. This limits evaporation as well as exposure to light.
  • Apply at room temperature to ensure good consistency for application and eliminate fast evaporation of the solvents.

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