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CND Shellac preparation, maintenance and removal products.  Scrubfresh, cuticle away, offly-fast, solar-oil, rescuexxx, cuticle-eraser, cool-blue.

Model: Classy Gel Remover Professional Salon Quality 500ml
​Professional Salon Quality 500ml The Classy Gel Remover is a professional remover for all types of polish. Safely and gently removes gel polish, acrylics, nail tips and glue without damaging the natural nail Suitable for all UV/LED gel and acrylic systems Quick and easy removal of gel i..
£7.95 Ex Tax:£6.62
Model: Classy Nail Prep & Wipe (500ml)
Classy Nail Prep & Wipe Dual Purpose Cleaner Professional Salon Quality 500ml For the perfect prep – sanitises/dehydrates the nail plate. The first important step in any manicure/pedicure Easy removal – removes gel residue/tacky layer Enhances shine – the final stage to create a ..
£7.95 Ex Tax:£6.62
Brand: CND Model: CND Plexigel Shaper Kit Enhancement System
The PlexiGel range is a brush-in-a-bottle enhancement system that helps deliver 3+ weeks of strength, length and architecture but a simple and easy application.   Fully compatible with CND shellac and CND Vinylux The Shaper kit includes:- PlexiGel Bonder PlexiGel ..
£89.95 Ex Tax:£74.96
Model: CND CoolBlue Pump (236ml)
A water-free hand sanitiser that smells refreshing and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and clean. Hand sanitiser Water-free Leaves skin soft and clean 236ml ..
£14.95 Ex Tax:£12.46
Model: CND Cuticle Eraser (15ml)
A blend of alpha hydroxy acids (A.H.A.'s) to micro-exfoliate cuticles and condition the nail plate and surrounding skin. Micro-exfoliates cuticles Conditions nail plate and skin. 15ml ..
£8.95 Ex Tax:£7.46
Model: CND RescueRXx Keratin Treatment 3.7ml
A highly effective daily keratin treatment that repairs damaged nails with the power of keratin protein and conditioning jojoba oils.   Helps to strengthen damaged and weakened natural nails and stop the perpetuation of further delamination and/or splitting. Apply to the bare natural nail ..
£3.95 Ex Tax:£3.29
Model: CND SolarSpeed Spray (118ml)
A fast-set polish dryer that conditions the cuticle area with jojoba oil, vitamin E, rice bran oil and sweet almond oil. Lightly mist on nails one minute after top coat is applied. Conditions skin and cuticles 118ml       ..
£14.45 Ex Tax:£12.04
Model: CND Super Shiney Top Coat (9.8ml)
Seals and protects nail polish Protects again fading and discoloration 3- free formula 9.8ml Apply one layer of Base Coat followed by two thin layers of nail polish. Finish with one layer of CND Super Shiney Top Coat for an amazing super high-gloss finish.   ..
£5.95 Ex Tax:£4.96
Model: CND Stickey Base Coat 68ml
Improves nail polish wearability Anchors colour to nails Helps prevent staining, chipping or peeling 3- free formula 68ml Apply one layer of CND Stickey Base Coat to the clean and manicured nails. Apply 2 thin layers of polish, then finish with one layer of top coat.   ..
£13.95 Ex Tax:£11.63
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