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Classy own unique range of collections.

Model: Classy American Dream Collection 7.3ml
What a trio. American Dream indeed!Just like Vegas Las Vegas Strip is full of fun and wants to party all night long. LA Lady is a lucious deep rosey red with a lovely hint of rosey pink.  You'll Love it! Pink Purple Mauve who cares it looks fantastic! Go Miami ManiaCures in 2 minute..
£16.95 Ex Tax:£14.13
Model: Cosy Classics Collection 7.3ml
Our 4 shades from the Cosy Classics Collection are rich in autumnal vibes.Simply Navy is a dark and rich navy with a high gloss opaque finish. It’s simply the best navy!Silhouette is a mysterious dark grey.. like the evening sky in the winter. A fab addition to your gel polish collectio..
£21.95 Ex Tax:£18.29
Model: Electric Summer Collection 7.3ml
Our 4 shades from the Electric Summer Collection are just bursting with summer sun.Pistachio is a shade like no other. This opaque green will have you wondering where it has been all of your life! Pair with Lime Light to create the ultimate, trendy Summer mani. Electric Yellow - yellow is th..
£21.95 Ex Tax:£18.29
Model: Fall For You Collection 7.3ml
Our 4 shades from the Fall For You Collection are just oozing with autumnal shades. Passion Flower is a dark purple shade with blue hues, some may say violet. Overall it's the gel polish you didn't know you needed to add to your collection.. until now! Teal Fusion is a mysterious deep blue/g..
£21.95 Ex Tax:£18.29
Model: Classy Pinky Blinders Collection 7.3ml
Our apptly named Pinky Blinders Collection is just too much ! Jazz up a classic pink nude with Pink PizzazDolly Pink It's bright. It's bold. It's brilliant!Are you a barbie girl?  Lets go party with Barbie Babe!!!Dance the night away with this our jazzy pink disco Cures in 2 minutes (120 sec..
£21.95 Ex Tax:£18.29
Model: Classy Poolside Pastel Collection 7.3ml
Surfs Up - a shade that’s just right for the seaside. A muted pastel blue with a lilac undertone and opaque finish.Minty Magic is fresh to the Classy gang, this pastel mint will be a perfect addition to your gel polish collection.  Spruce up your Minty Magic mani & pair this mint ..
£16.95 Ex Tax:£14.12
Model: Classy Sweet Delights Collection 7.3ml
Our apptly named Sweet Delights Collection is truly scrumptious!Walnut whirl - Oh, hello you! Walnut Whirl is soft, creamy and you just can’t say no to it. Perfect for those clients who love a subtle look as this caramel colour does not need any added sparkles.Crispy crumble - A must have in your ..
£21.95 Ex Tax:£18.29
Model: Berry Sweet Duo Lady Berry & Raspberry Dream
Lady Berry is a succulent dark berry shade for all you independent ladies. Lady Berry is juicy, rich and opaque.. exactly what we like. She has stolen our heart. Raspberry Dream is a very berry, mauvey-purple shade. Our Raspberry Dream is exactly that.. a dreamy purple to enhance your nail ward..
£10.95 Ex Tax:£9.13
Model: Classy Broadway Collection 7.3ml
With 6 new shades to match any outfit and style Broadway here you come. Introducing Black Charm sure to be a firm favourite, a breath taking black glitter that will put the wow factor into any manicure. Why not bring out  your “foxy” side with Foxy Silver a glamorous silver sparkle?   B..
£29.95 Ex Tax:£24.96
Model: Classy Cosmic Collection 7.3ml
These new glitters are truly out of this world.  The Classy Cosmic Collection.  It’s time to reach for the stars.  Say hello to Astral, Lunar, Stellar, Solar, Celestial and Galactic. We have applied all the glitters onto a black colour coat but it is up to you what colour coa..
£22.96 Ex Tax:£19.13
Model: Classy Glitter Wonderland 7.3ml
Glitter Wonderland as the name suggests is fabulous glitter collections of 4 polishes that of the festive season. Holy Night is out of this world! Such a dazzler Green Garland is bright and vivid. An absolute gem! Red Ribbon loose yourself in this luscious chunky red delight Silver Sleigh sparkl..
£21.95 Ex Tax:£18.29
Model: Hot Summer Girl Collection
Pink Lady - the pink that you didn’t even know you needed to add to the many other pinks in your collection. This rich Pink Lady is a must-have. Opaque finish with a slight purple undertone. Love Potion: The perfect pink nail potion that will make you fall in love with it. An eye catching &..
£10.95 Ex Tax:£9.13
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