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Classy own unique range of collections.

Model: Autumn Palette Collection 7.3ml
Our 4 Autumn Palette shades are just THE perfect autumnal shades.If you love purple you will love Mulberry BurstNaughty Navy is by far the best navy around! A dark, mysterious green is how we describe Forest FoliageStormy Clouds is a deep blue with a grey overlay.Cures in 2 minutes (120 seconds) ..
£21.95 Ex Tax:£18.29
Model: Classy Bridal Bouquet Collection 7.3ml
Our 4 Bridal Bouquet shades cater for everyone special day. Bridal Bliss is a sheer delight again with that added perfect but subtle sparkle - is it green or silver it all depends how the light catches this stunning shade. Compliment with White Wedding for a match made in heaven.White Wedding ..
£21.95 Ex Tax:£18.29
Model: Classy Candy Dreams Collection 7.3ml
Our 3 shades from the Candy Dream Collection are totally dreamy! Sweet like honey this raunchy raspberry shade has it all. Thank you Honey Boo BooLittle Darlin is a delightful little lilac creamy and coolSweet Cheeks oh yeah! Sweet and cheeky this powerful purple is a head turnerCures in 2 minutes (..
£16.95 Ex Tax:£14.12
Model: Classy Crystal Glass Collection 7.3ml
Pick any 6 shades  from the Crystal Glass Collection.  A beautiful range of translucent shades, subtle yet stunning. (REMEMBER to put down your 6 shade numbers in the message section of your order. ) First row left to right 50000, 50001, 50002, 50003, 50004, 50005.  Second row left t..
£29.95 Ex Tax:£24.96
Model: Classy Fall Into Autumn Collection 7.3ml
our 4 Fall Into Autumn’ shades are simply stunning. Bring it on with ‘Burnt Mustard’, this season’s on trend, vibrant autumnal shade. Relax with ‘Sage Garden’ another striking seasonal shade - a totally understated deep bottle green. Immerse yourself in this purple delight... welcome ‘Precious Prune..
£21.95 Ex Tax:£18.29
Model: Classy Pinky Blinders Collection 7.3ml
Our apptly named Pinky Blinders Collection is just too much ! Jazz up a classic pink nude with Pink PizzazDolly Pink It's bright. It's bold. It's brilliant!Are you a barbie girl?  Lets go party with Barbie Babe!!!Dance the night away with this our jazzy pink disco Cures in 2 minutes (120 sec..
£21.95 Ex Tax:£18.29
Model: Classy Autumn Equinox Collection 7.3ml
Rawhide  - a gleaming metallic bronze. Red Ingot - the perfect autumn shade.  A warm deep red orange.  Purple Puzzle - is it purple or is there a hint of turquoise? Inferno - a bold bronze with red overtones. Blue Babe - a stunning deep indigo with a dark grey tint. Bloodline - a..
£29.75 Ex Tax:£24.79
Model: Classy Broadway Collection 7.3ml
With 6 new shades to match any outfit and style Broadway here you come. Introducing Black Charm sure to be a firm favourite, a breath taking black glitter that will put the wow factor into any manicure. Why not bring out  your “foxy” side with Foxy Silver a glamorous silver sparkle?   B..
£29.95 Ex Tax:£24.96
Model: Classy Cosmic Collection 7.3ml
These new glitters are truly out of this world.  The new Classy Cosmic Collection.  It’s time to reach for the stars.  Say hello to Astral, Lunar, Stellar, Solar, Celestial and Galactic. We have applied all the glitters onto a black colour coat but it is up to you what colour coat yo..
£29.95 Ex Tax:£24.96
Model: Classy Glam Glitz Collection 7.3ml
Ruby Opulence is a dark dark red that is a definite head turned.  Rock this red glitter with style. Sparkling Star as the name suggests is like a crisp winter night when the stars shine brightly away in the midnight sky. Pink Flush  let’s not be shy!  Pink to make the girls wink.&nb..
£29.75 Ex Tax:£24.79
Model: Classy Glitter Wonderland 7.3ml
Glitter Wonderland as the name suggests is fabulous glitter collections of 4 polishes that of the festive season. Holy Night is out of this world! Such a dazzler Green Garland is bright and vivid. An absolute gem! Red Ribbon loose yourself in this luscious chunky red delight Silver Sleigh sparkl..
£21.95 Ex Tax:£18.29
Model: Mambo Beats Collection 7.3ml
They are sassy and spirited.  Its time to throw caution to the wind with the Classy Mambo Beats Collection. 6 stunning shades to dance the night away. Avocado Glaze is undoubtedly green.  Love it or hate it, it's bold and brash. Wow Blueberry Spice is a little beauty.  A dark teal w..
£29.95 Ex Tax:£24.96
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