CND Shellac Duraforce Top and Base Coat Set (7.3ml)

Product Code: CND Shellac DuraforceTop and Base Coat Set (7.3ml)

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Ideal for use on weak or damaged nails, the CND™Shellac™ DuraForce™ top coat is the perfect finish to your client’s manicure, offering an increased barrier of protection alongside a beautiful, glossy finish. This innovative formula provides weakened nails with 14+ days of high performance wear and causes no nail damage. Designed with breakthrough technology, this durable top coat is a great addition to your CND™Shellac™ service and will allow you to provide every client with the perfect nail finish.

  • Ideal for use on weak, brittle nails, strong and durable
  • Provides an increased barrier of protection
  • 14+ days of high performance wear for weak nails
  • No nail damage
  • Fabulous, glossy finish
  • 7.3ml size
  • Protects nail plate
  • Also availabe in 15ml size

Duraforce Top coat cures in 120 seconds under a UV lamp and 60 seconds under an LED lamp
Base coat cures in 10 seconds with UV/LED lamp. Base Coat. One thin layer is all you need. It cures in just 10 seconds and provides the crucial foundation for the Shellac system.