Classy Gel Remover Professional Salon Quality 1000ml

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Professional Salon Quality 1000ml

The Classy Gel Remover is a professional remover for all types of polish.

Safely and gently removes gel polish, acrylics, nail tips and glue without damaging the natural nail

Suitable for all UV/LED gel and acrylic systems

Quick and easy removal of gel in 10-15 minutes  

Classy Gel Remover – How to Use

  • Saturate cotton pad on the Classy foil wrap with Classy Gel Remover.
  • Fold the cotton pad over the nail and wrap foil remover around the finger.
  • When firmly in place squeeze the top centre of the foil together to secure. Leave wrap for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Finally, with a twisting motion pull the foil remover wrap from the nail and gently remove any leftover polish with an orange wood stick.
  • Moisturise the nails with Classy Cuticle Oil.