Classy Acryl Gel Color 010 (60g)

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The Classy Acryl Gel is a combination of acrylic and gel combining the best of both to create an all in one system that offers you get the strength of acrylic with the soak-off ability of gel.  Unlike acrylics, The Classy Acryl Gel requires no monomer or mixing and can be applied fast and easy with no chasing or intense heat spike.  

Ideal for:

Splitting nails; Adding strength to natural nails; Use with nail tips, forms or moulds; Use with dual nail forms to create perfectly balanced nail enhancements with minimal filing; Can also be used to sculpt nails


Stronger than hard gels, more flexible than acrylics.

Superior adhesion with no lifting or separation.

Pre-mixed, no liquid to powder ratios.

No odour

Flexible and durable

Unlimited playtime, work at your own speed.

Cure on demand


Great value for money 1 60g tubes provides approx. 40 applications



Step 1: Complete your nail prep

Step 2: Squeeze just the right amount of Classy Acryl Gel out of the tube. Slice the product with the double ended brush-slicer. Roll product onto the nail.

Step 3: Using your brush (a short square brush is best) pat the product into nail. Shape all nails.

Step 4: Cure under LED or UV Lamp.

Step 5: Apply a thin coat of Classy top Coat and cure.

Step 6: Finally wipe the nails with Classy Nail Prep & Wipe.

In addition to the Acryl Gel additional tools that can be purchased separately:  2-1 tool - for slicing and applying and moulding tips for the easiest application.