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Cuticle & Nail Treatments

Brand: Classy Model: Classy Cuticle Oil 7.3ml
Classy cuticle oil is a must have cuticle conditioning treatment that promotes  healthy nails and well hydrated cuticles. Nails will then hold colour and enhancements better, feel stronger and more flexible. Can be used with ANY and EVERY nail service. Cuticle and nail conditioner ..
£3.95 Ex Tax:£3.29
Model: Classy Nail Shine Wipes (Box of 100)
Classy Nails Shine Wipes (Box of 100) Pre Wipe & Sticky Residue Remover Wipe Off UV/LED Gel Nail   Classy nail gel prep and shine wipes are specially designed for easy removal of sticky residue from Shellac and UV gel polishes. No fuss! No mess! No spills! No bottle of chemicals Ideal..
£3.95 Ex Tax:£3.29
Model: Classy Primer/Bonder 7.3ml
Classy Professional Nail Primer/Bonder for UV/LED Soak off Gel Polish 7.3mlClassy Primer has two main functions. 1.The first is to create a tiny amount of roughness on the nail plate, which gives polish or artificial nail enhancements something to cling to. The second is to form chem..
£4.95 Ex Tax:£4.12
Model: Cuticle Nippers
Professional cuticle nippers for nail art, manicure, pedicure. Suitable for trimming dead skin and hang nails.   ..
£2.45 Ex Tax:£2.04
Model: Cuticle Pusher
A dual ended tool for professional cuticle work. ..
£2.25 Ex Tax:£1.87
Model: Epilation Long Point Pink Tweezer
Easy to use with precison point perfect for epilation. ..
£1.95 Ex Tax:£1.63
Model: Epilation Short Point Pink Tweezer
Easy to use. Perfect for epilation. ..
£1.95 Ex Tax:£1.63
Model: Glass Dappen Dish
Ideal container used to hold small amounts of product during an individual service such as acrylic liquid.   ..
£1.95 Ex Tax:£1.63
Model: Nail Clippers
Curved jaw for accurate nail cutting. ..
£2.45 Ex Tax:£2.04
Model: Nail Scissors Curved
These curved scissors are ideal for trimming both cuticles and hang-nails. ..
£2.95 Ex Tax:£2.46
Model: Nail Scissors Straight
If you are looking for a precise and sharp cut these top quality, stainless steel scissors are just what you need. ..
£2.95 Ex Tax:£2.46
Model: Orangewood Sticks (10 Pack)
An orange stick is basically a nail technician’s must have tool in the world of nail art and nail care maintenance. One side of the stick has a pointed end, while the other has a flat angled shape similar to a flat head screw driver. Both sides have a variety of applications. Use the pointed end to..
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