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Shellac and Gel Removers

Model: Classy Gel Remover Professional Salon Quality 500ml
​Professional Salon Quality 500ml The Classy Gel Remover is a professional remover for all types of polish. Safely and gently removes gel polish, acrylics, nail tips and glue without damaging the natural nail Suitable for all UV/LED gel and acrylic systems Quick and easy removal of gel i..
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Model: CND ScrubFresh and OfflyFast- 2 Pack (222ml)
​CND ScrubFresh - Important first step to nail prep for every manicure and pedicure. Temporarily dehydrates nail plate to improve adhesion of colour coats, gels, enhancements and decontaminates the nail plate. Features: Cleanser Improves adhesion Decontaminates nail plate 222ml CND OfflyF..
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Model: Classy Nails Foil Remover Wraps - Pack of 100
Classy Nails Salon Professional Foil Remover Wraps Soak Off Gel Polish Acetone – Box of 100 The Classy Nails Foil Remover Wraps provide easy removal of Shellac and UV gel polish at a more economical price. The foil is soft for a snug fit which traps heat for quick removal. The cotton pad is off cen..
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Model: Lint Free Nail Wipes (Pack of 900)
For manicure and nail treatments, soft and absorbent.High quality professional wipes, for home or professional use. Finishing wipe, nail prep and brush cleaner without leaving any fibers. These are dry wipes use with nail polish remover or gel cleanser. Size of each sheet is Approx 5.5cm x 4.0cm ..
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