24673 Cats Eye

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NOTE: To create the Cats Eye effect a magnetic tool is required.  Available to purchase from this link for £0.95 http://classynails.co.uk/accessories/classy-cnd-additives-nail-art/magnet-stick-for-3d-magnetic-cat-eye-gel-polish

  1. Apply base coat and cure in UV/LED lamp.
  2. Apply first coat of colour and cure in UV/LED lamp.
  3. Apply second coat of colour and cure in UV/LED lamp.
  4. Place the magnetic took above the colour until the “cats eyes” effect.
  5. Place the nail in the UV/LED lamp again and cure.
  6. Finally, apply the top coat and cure in the UV/LED lamp.

Cures in 2 minutes (120 seconds) with UV lamp

Cures in 1 minute (60 seconds) with LED lamp

14+ day wear




Note: Whilst we make every effort to make the colours appearing on screen as close as possible to the actual UV Gel Polishes, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match. Nail swatch colours will vary depending on your screen/device settings. The Classy UV Gel bottles are colour matched.  To view our full Classy range, please download our colour guide >>>