Classy Retro Fun Collection

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How about some Classy Retro Fun? They are bold and bright.  6 fabulous new shades that have joined the Classy range.  The new Classy Retro Fun Collection screams summer and you can be guaranteed lots of fun with these new shades.

Striking Cyan as the name suggest is like a bolt out of the blue - a bright cobalt blue that’s ultra chic, and cool.

Lush Lemon is a lively shade of yellow. Full of life and spirit.

Now Pumpkin is a lovely warm coral tone that just oozes

Pink Bloom is not for the faint hearted a bold right pink that is flashy and flamboyant.

Fashion Fuchia for all you followers of fashion its time for “the” hottest pink yet.  Its party time.

For those who have a passion for purple check out Purple Pout. Its vibrant and vivacious.

Cures in 2 minutes (120 seconds) with UV lamp

Cures in 1 minute (60 seconds) with LED lamp

14+ day wear




Note: Whilst we make every effort to make the colours appearing on screen as close as possible to the actual UV Gel Polishes, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match. Nail swatch colours will vary depending on your screen/device settings. The Classy UV Gel bottles are colour matched.  To view our full Classy range, please download our colour guide >>>