CND ScrubFresh & Nourishing Remover- 2 Pack (236ml)

Product Code: CND ScrubFresh & Nourishing Remover 2 Pack (236ml)

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CND ScrubFresh - Important first step to nail prep for every manicure and pedicure. Temporarily dehydrates nail plate to improve adhesion of colour coats, gels, enhancements and decontaminates the nail plate.

Improves adhesion
Decontaminates nail plate

CND Nourishing Remover -This remover is infused with vitamin E and macadamia to condition the nail plate whilst gently removing Shellac, gel, artificial enhancements or lacquer in just minutes.

Removes Shellac, lacquer, gels, enhancements
Enriched with vitamin E & macadamia
236ml x 2